IBD robs us of nutrients and the medications we take to treat IBD robs us of even MORE nutrients, so it important to get them from other sources, especially while on certain drugs!

Multi Vitamins
This is pretty standard for everybody. It never hurts to take a daily vitamin to stay topped up on the most important nutrients. I paid $9.99 for a years supply from Costco, so they are not expensive at all, making them well worth the money.

Vitamin D
Now this one is even more important when you are on a steroid like Prednisone because this type of medication only makes your deficiency worse.  Vitamin D plays a huge part in keeping your bones strong and bolstering your immune system, 2 things very important to IBD sufferers. Its helps prevent osteoporosis which is an always present danger in IBD sufferers and since dairy is a common food people avoid while in a flare, one of the major sources of this vitamin is no longer being absorbed through its consumption. Another inexpensive vitamin that is well worth the purchase.

Suggested dose: between 1000 and 1200 mg per day
This is another one that is super important in keeping your bones healthy. When your body is not getting enough calcium it takes it from your bones which just speeds up the chances of osteoporosis.

Pro Biotics
The dosage will depend on the brand.
Many people have found taking a daily pro biotic has helped in their digestion. They help rebuild all of the good gut bacteria that we lose from the disease and some of the medications that we take. There is a wide range of varieties available in many different strengths. Some find that a simple over the counter daily pro biotic is all they need to have more consistent digestion, personally I have noticed less gas development since starting them. There are also yogurt products that contain pro biotics, but the quantity does not compare to a supplement. Brands vary from country to country, in Canada I use one called Align and I have heard in the USA the most popular brand is VSL3, which I understand is also available in Canada. If you need something comparable in your country, feel free to email me and I will do my best to find one for you where you live.

Ask doctor about suggested dose and if it is right for you.
One of the deficiencies that is most noticeable with IBD is iron. Having low iron leaves you feeling tired and fatigued. Its due to the bleeding, which our body cannot compensate for fast enough and can quickly become very low. While a supplement is not for everybody, asking your doctor if you could benefit from it, will never hurt. Some people get it via diet changes others use pills or even infusions to get their top up.

Folate or Folic Acid
Another one you are best to ask your doctor about first.
Its easy to have low levels of folic acid since we cut out a lot of the foods that we get it from naturally from. It aids in cell regrowth and in turn healing your damaged colon. It also helps to reduce the chances of colon cancer, which we are at an elevated risk of developing.

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