Printable Resources

Here are some of the resources I use to help track and control my life with Colitis.

I have found one of the most helpful things when just being diagnosed was to find my safe foods and trigger foods as early as possible. Doing this helps you  start  eating as complete a diet as possible while only eating foods I knew were safe and in the best interest of my UC while in a flare, and then once I am coming out of one!

Printable log sheets, checklists and medical history sheets.

Blank food diary forms
just print them out to help keep track of your food intake every day

food diary

Bowel movements forms
I used this so that I could look at the times I had more trouble in the bathroom and compared it to the foods I ate to help identify what  foods were causing problems and which ones were safe!


Hospital trip checklist and go-bag list
A printable checklist of things to pack if you may end up spending a few days in the hospital, there are some blank spaces to add some of your own personalized items.


Medical History Form
I keep this filled out and printed in the bag I take when going to the hospital. This way when the doctors or nurses are asking about your medical history you have all of the details at hand! You can fill it out on your computer and print it, or simply print it out blank and fill it in with pen.

 Medical History Form thumb

Diet Safe and Unsafe Food Lists

Next up here are the safe and unsafe foods lists for the 3 major diets people with UC try, in order of how restrictive they are. I suggest starting with Low Residue / Low fiber before moving to either Low FODMAPS or SCD as they may be more restrictive than you need.

Low Residue and Low FIber food lists

Low FODMAP safe foods list
Low FODMAP illegal food list

Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) safe and unsafe food list

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