Now this blurb below is shamelessly stolen from another website, as it explains what it is in a way that I could not improve on! The site I got the definition from is which is the Gastroenterology society of Australia and here is their description of what the Low FODMAP diet actually is!

FODMAPs are a large group of dietary sugars found in many common foods such as specific dairy products, wheat and other grains, and fruits and vegetables. While FODMAPs are poorly absorbed in all people, those with specific gut disorders such as IBS are thought to experience the uncomfortable symptoms due to the gut being unusually sensitive.

The point of this diet is to limit the foods that contain a high content of these FODMAPS which in turn should help minimize some of the sensitivity felt in the digestive system when the dietary sugars  struggle to be absorbed. Like most diets associated with Colitis and Crohns, its goal is to lessen the workload on your digestive system in order to allow it to heal itself!

Here is a PDF from the same organization that explains more about the diet and also gives you a list of some of the foods to avoid to get you started. I will also look for other lists to eventually help create a large master list that is as complete as possible!
Information about the Low FODMAP diet.

In the recipes section look for the FODMAP tag to ensure the recipe follows the Low FODMAP diet as closely as possible, some may be a regular recipe but with substitutions that would make it a Low FODMAP option as well!

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