Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza talks about new comic, involving heroes with IBD.

He’s penned thousands of comics, bringing some of the biggest characters to life again and again, but you may know him best for co-creating Deadpool.

We caught up with Fabian to talk about his latest project, Deadpool the movie, Cable’s casting and his next big news….Fabian Nicieza has worked on many of the biggest and baddest comic characters, from Cable and Deadpool to Spider-man and Superman, X-Men and X-Force, so he really knows his stuff.His latest project, however, was more of a challenge than normal for the veteran writer – a story about IBD.

That’s inflammatory bowel disease.A lot of work Fabian does these days falls under Marvel Custom Solutions, special projects where they bring in the big guns.”I’ll get a call when [they] have a particularly challenging project that [they] think will interest me, because I like a particular challenge at this point in my career,” Fabian says.”When [they] said IBD, then I was like, that’s the real challenge. I need to learn more. I’m aware of it, but I need to know more about it. The challenge is to incorporate the challenges into a story.”The Unbeatables follows five superheroes.

For Fabian it’s important that people look beyond the IBD topic, for him, it’s another comic, and just as gripping as him other work. The Unbeatables has released its final two chapters after a great reception when it was launched at London Comic Con in 2016.

The graphic novel features all five of The Unbeatables , Samarium, Switchback, Luminaria, Datawave and Rubblerouser, as they take on their enemy, Technonaut.Every hero has a flaw – writing comics”It was clear to me very early on that this is nothing more than a standard Marvel hero story,” says Fabian.”The entire Marvel universe is predicated on heroes with feet of clay. Heroes that have a problem – whether that’s Tony Stark’s heart condition, Peter Parker needing to help Aunt May, but stop the bad guy, all have, for the lack of a better word, a flaw.All superheroes have their ‘flaws’ (Image: Rex)”It’s forcing them to overcome that issue in order to be the heroes they are. This is no different.  The powers can be seen as just as much of a burden as a privilege.”

People who suffer from IBD have praised the comic as it gives them a representation in the comic world, but for Fabian, we can all relate to a comic character no matter what their struggle. He explained how we all connect with something in a character and that’s what draws us in.”It reflects and mirrors aspects of yourself,” he says.

“It becomes aspiratonal.”Anyone reading any comic, at any time gravitates towards characters they can identify with. Whether IBD, or an outcast or outsider that becomes drawn to X-Men, or whether it’s the desire to be a rich playboy millionaire that creates the armour, it’s inspirational to be that cool.”

Source: Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza talks about new comic, Josh Brolin Cable casting and…a Barbie crossover? – Mirror Online

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