Canadian Remicade Assistance


The BioAdvance® Program provides comprehensive care and personalized support to help simplify and guide members through the treatment process. is a personalized access point for these services designed to help you manage your condition and stay on top of your treatment. As a registered user, you’ll get:

  • Access to personalized information including how to contact your treatment team or clinic, as well as upcoming appointment dates
  • Helpful tools to stay on top of your symptoms and to help remember your appointments and scheduled doses
  • Answers to questions you may have about your treatment
  • Tips for how to cope with your condition

Plus, if you’re new to therapy, BioAdvance® can offer assistance with securing financial coverage for your treatment.

Financial Aid

Before you begin your first treatment, BioAdvance® Simplify will offer assistance in the following services if and whenever they apply to you:

Helping with insurance coverage

  • Your BioAdvance® Coordinator will compile and fill out medical insurance forms and work with your medical insurance agency to help ensure your request for coverage is secured

Accessing additional financial aid

  • Under a grant from Janssen, the BioAdvance® Program offers a free, confidential service to help patients in need recover a portion of the cost of their treatments

Remember that your dedicated BioAdvance® Coordinator is your primary point of contact, streamlining the treatment and insurance coverage process by…

Providing you with ongoing treatment- and medical insurance-related support

Assisting with essential paperwork

  • Completing all documents required for treatment access
  • Compiling all forms and documents prior to submission to insurance agencies
  • Following up with insurers for smooth and timely processing of claims

Smoothing the way between you and the insurance agencies

Contact your BioAdvance® Coordinator or call our hotline at 1-866-872-5770 for more information.

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