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What is inflammatory bowel disease?

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is an umbrella term referring to certain chronic diseases that cause inflammation of the intestines. Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are the two terms most often assigned to the different types of IBD. Although they are different diseases with a variety of forms, each disease causes the destruction of the digestive system, producing a similar group of life-altering symptoms.


First off here are the safe and non safe food lists for the 3 diets I have focused on here! This is the number one question we see when people are working to get into remission.

Low Residue/Low Fiber 
(least restrictive of the 3 and a good starting point)

(more restrictive with a focus on removing certain dietary sugars)

SCD or Specific Carb Diet
(focus is on cutting out complex carbs)


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USA Entyvio Financial Assistance

Entyvio Connect Patient Assistance Program

Entyvio Connect services

Insurance verification support

Case managers work directly with insurers to help verify patient coverage and out-of-pocket (OOP) costs for Entyvio.

Prior authorization (PA) and appeals support

Case managers can identify plan-specific PA requirements to help your office obtain authorization before treatment.

Billing and coding support

Case managers respond with timely answers to billing and coding questions, helping to facilitate claims submission.

Patient financial assistance

Case managers help provide financial assistance options for eligible patients and help enroll patients into appropriate programs.

Entyvio Connect enrollment and co-pay support form

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USA Humira Financial Assistance


Abbvie Patient Assistance Program

Complete the application.

  • Fill out the sections completely – please refer to the checklist on the application.
  • Attach proof of income if required.
  • Be sure that you and your doctor sign and date the application.
  • If you have Medicare Part D and are applying for assistance, download and complete the appropriate attestation form below. Call us to discuss other needed documentation.

Humira attestation form

Humira financial assistance application form

Submit the completed application by mail or fax.

Send to the fax number or address on your application.

What happens next?

We will contact you and your doctor about your application within a week to let you know if you are approved for assistance. If the application was missing information we will ask you or your doctor to provide missing information. Once received we will evaluate your application.

If approved for assistance we will ship your medication. If you are approved for assistance with HUMIRA we will contact you to schedule delivery at a time that you can be home to receive it. We evaluate all applications on a case by case basis and consider people with insurance, including Medicare Part D, on an exception basis.

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Allys law for restroom access

The Restroom Access Act is a law passed in several states that requires retail establishments that do not have public restrooms to provide access to employee-only restrooms to patrons in need. This can include people who have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), pregnant women, and those who have other chronic conditions.

The Restroom Access Act has been passed in several states – Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin and Washington. The act has been passed in these states largely as result of grassroots efforts. There is support for a federal version of the act, and several other states have similar laws currently in the works.

The Restroom Access Act is also known as “Ally’s Law,” so named for the teen who was spurred to action after she experienced an IBD-related accident. Ally was denied access to an employee-only restroom while shopping. Ally was instrumental in getting the first version of the Restroom Access Act passed in Illinois, her home state.

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USA Canasa Financial Assistance


CANASA Savings Program

You may be able to save on your prescriptions

The CANASA Savings Program may help you save up to $50 on each of your next 12 prescriptions. Savings are available after you pay the first $25. Restrictions apply.* See card for full eligibility requirements. For more information, please call 1-855-706-8716.


  • Offer valid in the U.S. only. Offer not valid for prescriptions reimbursed under Medicaid, a Medicare drug benefit plan, or other federal or state healthcare programs (such as medical assistance programs), or where the patient has secondary coverage for his or her out-of-pocket expenses. If pharmacy benefits are available to the patient for CANASA under any such program, the patient cannot use this card. By presenting or accepting this card, patient and pharmacist each agree not to submit a claim for reimbursement under the above programs. Patient further agrees to comply with any terms of his or her health insurance contract requiring notification to his or her payer of the existence and/or value of this offer. Offer not valid for patients under 18 years of age. It is illegal to (or offer to) sell, purchase, or trade this card.
  • Participating patients must have their first card use by 06/30/2015 and their final use by 06/30/2016. Program managed by PSKW, LLC on behalf of Forest Laboratories, LLC. This program may be amended or terminated at any time without notice. Product dispensed only pursuant to program rules and federal and state laws. This is not insurance.

Click here for the downloadable prescription savings card!

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USA Lialda Financial Assistance


If you’re looking for information about prescription savings and support tools for Lialda, Shire offers a Pharmacy Savings Card that may help eligible patients lower their out-of-pocket costs. Watch this short video to learn how you can get your Pharmacy Savings Card and start saving.

Insured patients can use the Pharmacy Savings Card for monthly prescription costs over $10,* with a maximum savings of $120/monthly prescription (a yearly savings of up to $1,440). Cash-paying patients will receive up to a $50 discount off the cost of their monthly prescription and will generally pay more than $10.

If you have a prescription for Lialda, it can be easy to start saving — just follow these 3 steps:

  1. Have a Lialda prescription in hand — A valid prescription is needed to participate in the program.
  2. Sign up for a new card or activate the one you’ve already received.
  3. Fill your prescription — Be sure to bring your card whenever you fill your Lialda prescription to get your savings.

Remember, it’s important to take your medication as your doctor prescribes.


Click here to fill out the online application form.

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USA Apriso (mesalamine) Financial Assistance


Pay $0 co-pay on your first APRISO prescription, then no more than $10 on all future prescriptions for the duration of the program

Save on your out-of-pocket expense

With APRISO, we can not only help maintain remission of ulcerative colitis (UC), but we can also help you maintain your budget. Ulcerative colitis can be a challenging condition to keep under control, but money does not have to come between a patient with UC and maintaining remission.

If you have already received an APRISO Savings Card from your healthcare provider, all you have to do is activate it.

Click here to be taken to the online application form.

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Canadian Remicade Assistance


The BioAdvance® Program provides comprehensive care and personalized support to help simplify and guide members through the treatment process. BioAdvance.ca is a personalized access point for these services designed to help you manage your condition and stay on top of your treatment. As a registered user, you’ll get:

  • Access to personalized information including how to contact your treatment team or clinic, as well as upcoming appointment dates
  • Helpful tools to stay on top of your symptoms and to help remember your appointments and scheduled doses
  • Answers to questions you may have about your treatment
  • Tips for how to cope with your condition

Plus, if you’re new to therapy, BioAdvance® can offer assistance with securing financial coverage for your treatment.

Financial Aid

Before you begin your first treatment, BioAdvance® Simplify will offer assistance in the following services if and whenever they apply to you:

Helping with insurance coverage

  • Your BioAdvance® Coordinator will compile and fill out medical insurance forms and work with your medical insurance agency to help ensure your request for coverage is secured

Accessing additional financial aid

  • Under a grant from Janssen, the BioAdvance® Program offers a free, confidential service to help patients in need recover a portion of the cost of their treatments

Remember that your dedicated BioAdvance® Coordinator is your primary point of contact, streamlining the treatment and insurance coverage process by…

Providing you with ongoing treatment- and medical insurance-related support

Assisting with essential paperwork

  • Completing all documents required for treatment access
  • Compiling all forms and documents prior to submission to insurance agencies
  • Following up with insurers for smooth and timely processing of claims

Smoothing the way between you and the insurance agencies

Contact your BioAdvance® Coordinator or call our hotline at 1-866-872-5770 for more information.

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USA Remicade Assistance


Patient Rebate Program for REMICADE®

For eligible patients enrolled in the RemiStart® ProgramYou pay $5 per infusion**Program exhausts after 12 months, or a maximum annual benefit of $10,000, whichever comes first.
(See RemiStart® Extended Access Program for continuing support after 12 months.)


One-Step Enrollment…

Complete and sign enrollment form, obtain physician’s signature, and submit enrollment form to RemiStart®.
Fax: (877) 234-3048, or Mail: 14001 Weston Parkway, Suite 103, Cary, NC 27513

Medication rebate for people receiving or beginning treatment with REMICADE® (infliximab)

Based upon your eligibility, RemiStart® can provide a rebate for your medication out-of-pocket costs, including deductible, co-payment, and co-insurance, for up to 12 months, for a maximum annual benefit of $10,000.

Am I eligible for a RemiStart® rebate?

You may be eligible for a rebate from RemiStart® if you:

  • Are beginning or are currently receiving treatment with REMICADE®
  • Currently have commercial insurance that covers medication costs for REMICADE®
  • Have a medication out-of-pocket expense greater than $5 per infusion

Please click here for other Restrictions which may apply.

Download the application here.

The cost of IV infusion services are not covered by this program.



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UK Student Rights

The Equality Act 2010 calls the arrangements that your education provider makes to meet these needs ‘reasonable adjustments’. There is a lot of information in the Equality Act 2010 that pertains to students right and the format in which they are presented are not as user friendly as I would like to make it for you guys, but if I was to try and rewrite it, I worry I may miss something important. For this reason I have linked right to the Act itself in order to give you the most information as possible.

At the bottom of this page, you can also find the information pertaining to the Disable Student Allowance. 

Equality Act 2010 Student Rights

Disabled Student Allowances


As a higher education student living in England, you can apply for a Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) if you have a disability, including a:

  • long-term health condition
  • mental health condition
  • specific learning difficulty, eg dyslexia

You must meet the definition of disability under the Equality Act 2010.

The support you get depends on your individual needs and not on income.

What you’ll get

Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) are paid on top of your other student finance. They help you pay the extra costs you may have because of your disability. They don’t have to be repaid.

How much you get depends on your individual needs – not your household income. If you’re a part-time student your ‘course intensity’ can affect how much you get.

2014 to 2015 academic year

Type of student Specialist equipment allowance Non-medical helper allowance General allowance
Full-time Up to £5,212 for the whole course Up to £20,725 a year Up to £1,741 a year
Part-time Up to £5,212 for the whole course Up to £15,543 a year Up to £1,305 a year

Postgraduates can get a single allowance of up to £10,362 a year.

These figures are the maximum amounts – most students get less.

2015 to 2016 academic year

Type of student Specialist equipment allowance Non-medical helper allowance General allowance
Full-time Up to £5,212 for the whole course Up to £20,725 a year Up to £1,741 a year
Part-time Up to £5,212 for the whole course Up to £15,543 a year Up to £1,305 a year

Postgraduates can get a single allowance of up to £10,362 a year.

These figures are the maximum amounts – most students get less.

What DSAs can pay for

You can get help with the costs of:

  • specialist equipment, eg a computer if you need one because of your disability
  • non-medical helpers
  • extra travel because of your disability
  • other disability-related costs of studying

You may get a new computer if you don’t already have one, or your current one doesn’t meet the required specification. More information will be provided to you if you’re assessed as needing a new computer.

You’ll need to pay the first £200, which is the minimum cost that any student is likely to incur when buying a computer.

DSAs don’t cover disability-related costs you’d have if you weren’t attending a course, or costs that any student might have.

Your ‘needs assessment’

Once your eligibility for DSAs is confirmed, Student Finance England may ask you to contact an assessment centre to work out what help you need.

This is known as a needs assessment. Don’t book this until Student Finance England asks you to.

The assessment is paid for through any DSAs entitlement you may have.

After the assessment, you’ll get a report listing equipment and other support you can get for your course.

Don’t buy any equipment until you’ve been assessed – you won’t be reimbursed for it.

How DSAs are paid

Money is paid either into your bank account or directly to the organisation providing the service or equipment.

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